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Ways To Donate
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squirrel babyPlease consider the shelter for your charitable giving!

Renew your commitment to wildlife! The West Sound Wildife Shelter needs your assistance to continue protecting and rehabilitating the wildlife of Kitsap County and the Western Puget Sound region.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, whether they are of money or in-kind. Below are our one-year giving levels.

Giving levels

Dollar Amount Donor Level Our Gift to You
$25 + Friend of Wildlife Annual calendar, newsletter
$1000 or more Council of Eagles See the Council of Eagles page for details

one call for all

Ways to donate

Donate online through our secure donations system. If you prefer not to donate online, you can call us at 206-855-9057 or send us a check, payable to West Sound Wildlife Shelter. Mail to:

West Sound Wildlife Shelter
7501 NE Dolphin Drive
Bainbridge Island WA 98110

Other ways to donate:

There are also several community giving programs such as One Call For All (Bainbridge Island only), which takes place every October, and the Kitsap Great Give, which covers all of Kitsap County and takes place for 24 hours on the first Tuesday in May.

Consider other times to donate just a few dollars, like Giving Tuesday, which will take place the first Tuesday in December.

Look for reminders on our Facebook page, Twitter and email!

Employer Match

Please check with your employer to see if they have a matching gifts benefit. We're happy to help with any information you need to get started.

Help the Shelter While Shopping!

Whether shopping online or in your community, there are several ways to help the Shelter just by shopping.

Amazon Smile - Did you know that .05% of eligible purchases comes back to the Shelter when you shop at Amazon Smile? Just click below to get started!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Link your Community Rewards card to the Shelter!

Wish List

You can helpus give injured wildlife a second chance at life by donating the much needed items listed below. Collecting items in your community is also a great project for kids, groups, classrooms and clubs and a simple, fun and rewarding way to help wildlife. Donations are tax deductible.

For questions contact the shelter at 206-855-9057.

Animal care / hospital supplies

  • Non-Latex disposable gloves (prefer Nitrile, S, M or L, MEDIUM needed most)
  • SCRUBS - (shirts and pants) all sizes
  • Disposable dust and paint masks
  • Cotton balls
  • Knitted nests, fleece snow hats


  • Terrariums / aquariums with screen lids (cannot be cracked)
  • Small plastic pet holders with intact lids (normally for reptiles and insects)
  • Astro-turf door mats (any color or length of knap)


  • Towels and face cloths (bath size - new and used)
    • General notes: we cannot accept towels that are torn, frayed or have large amounts of embroidery. Injuries and death can result if the animals get caught in holes and threads. Also, lighter colored towels are best - no red or purple. Animals can react defensively to these colors.
  • Flat sheets (new and used - NO KING size, no fitted)
  • Blankets (new and used - NO KING size, NO comforters)
  • Pillow cases (new and used)
    • General notes: we cannot accept sheets, blankets or pillow cases that are torn, frayed or have large amounts of embroidery. Also, lighter colors are best, no red or purple.
  • Straw (call before bringing)

Feeding supplies

  • Very shallow ceramic bowls / saucers / flat dishes (< 1/4” deep)
  • Sharp knives (new or used)
  • Kitchen scissors (new or used)


  • Meat, poultry and seafood
  • Walnuts (shelled or in shell)
  • Puppy/dog/cat/kitten dry food - smaller kibble (not Toy), prefer un-opened
  • Seasonal fruits
    • apples, plums, peaches, berries, melon, etc. (please no avocado, grapes, or citrus)
  • Vegetables and greens
  • Mazuri Rodent Block
  • Timothy Hay
  • Wild Bird seed (please no black oil sunflower seeds - we're overflowing!)

Household items

  • Zip-lock freezer bags (1-gallon only)
  • Rubbermaid-like containers with lids (any size)
  • Toilet paper
  • 45-gallon garbage/trash bags
  • Heating pads (no automatic shut-off)

Cleaning supplies

  • Liquid Laundry detergent - Unscented / HE
  • Dawn dish soap, refill bottles preferred
  • Liquid hand soap, not antibacterial, refill bottles preferred
  • Trash bags (kitchen size and 45-gallon)
  • Unscented disinfecting bleach
  • Feather dusters

Tools, etc

  • Painter’s tape (blue) - 1” (not masking tape)
  • Cable/Zip ties


  • Squirrel-size Have-A-Heart traps
  • Gift cards (hardware stores, pet stores, retail stores)
  • Gas cards
  • Standing, full-spectrum lamps and bulbs
  • Small, easy-to-use digital camera
  • Folding tables (plastic, 6-8 foot)

eagle in flightMake Your Property into a Wildlife Release Site

Is your property great wildlife habitat?

Complete the Release Site form (download a pdf or word document) and send it in to the address on the page or to

If your property looks like a good match for some of our releasable patients, we'll be in touch. Thank you!

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