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Sponsor the Baby Fox

Please help us care for this baby fox that was found near a culvert in the Bremerton area. Your contribution will pay for food and other supplies that we'll use to care for this little fox during its time with us.

Sponsor the baby fox

The Baby Fox's Story

In mid April, our executive director, Kol Medina, was sitting at his desk when a woman came to the door.  She seemed a little anxious as she said, “I found a baby.  I’m not sure if it’s a puppy or a fox.  Can you help me identify it?”  Kol was surprised to learn that she actually had the animal in her car.  In a flash, he headed out the door. 
Kol took the animal into our wildlife hospital, where it was identified as a fox. The staff set to work examining the small creature.  He was clearly dehydrated, so we had hope that he was actually orphaned and not kidnapped.

We later learn
ed that the fox had been found outside a culvert, yapping and crying. It's hard to know what became of its mother - it's possible she was moving her litter and hadn't yet come back for this little guy. Or she could have been killed by a dog or a car while she was out hunting to feed her babies. Whatever the case, we were glad to see that the fox had no injuries.

It's important to mention that if you find a baby animal
in the wild, please don’t assume it’s orphaned and pick it up.  If it’s a baby bird on the ground, see if you can find its nest and put it back in.  If you can’t find a nest, call us.  If you find a deer fawn or other baby mammal, step away from it and monitor it.  Most likely its mother is nearby, probably watching you.  Some species of baby mammals are left alone for 10 or more hours during the day while their mother is out hunting or feeding.  If you are concerned about the baby, call us. 
On the other hand, if you see baby animals in the road, please stop and immediately collect them and bring them to us.  Or stop and call us.  We’ve received a remarkable number of reports this year of people running over baby animals rather than stopping to help them.

The little fox is doing very well! He is being fed a formula specifically designed for foxes along with rodents. As you can see from the photos, he's a messy eater, like most babies. And he really doesn't like having his face and body cleaned after he has his special formula. At the moment, he's spending his days outside (where foxes like to be) in an outdoor enclosure. At night, staff members move him inside to a warmer sleeping area.

Please help us care for this little fox! By sponsoring the fox, you’ll help defray the significant costs of care until it can be released to the wild. In return for your sponsorship, we’ll send you a certificate, photo, and history of the fox’s time with us. A sponsorship is $50, minimum.

Sponsor the baby fox

Thank you!

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