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The Deer in the Well - A Rescue Story

In mid-October, a young deer was walking through a field, when suddenly the ground gave way beneath its hooves.  With a crash, the deer fell, dropping down into an abandoned well.  It was trapped there, possibly injured.

Washington State Fish & Wildlife officers along with the Shelter's representative, responded to a call about the trapped deer. We climbed down into the well to check the deer for injuries and give it a tranquilizer shot (this would be necessary for safely bringing the deer out of the well).  It was determined that the deer was uninjured - just trapped!

The deer ws hauled out of the well and a tag placed on its ear. We stayed with the young deer until it woke up, so no predators could find it in this vulnerable state. When it finally woke up, the deer was groggy and disoriented at first, so we stayed until it was eating and seemed back to its regular self. 

The tagged deerA few weeks later, we heard from Shelter supporters who live in the area that they had seen a tagged deer in their yard, grazing with two others. We have every reason to believe that this is the very same deer. (See the photo at right.)

It's so exciting to think that the deer reunited with its family members and is going about its life again!

(Also notice the white flags, an ingenious system these folks have developed for keeping the deer away from their young trees during this time of year. Fall and early winter are rutting season, when young males will mark trees by rubbing their heads and antlers against them.)

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